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A documentary film about Ari Nagel, a serial-known sperm donor

and a father to more than 100 children.

His actions gradually turn into a concerning addiction, jeopardizing all the relationships he holds dear - most notably with his eldest son, Tyler, whom he hopes will become his successor.


Directors: Adi Rabinovici & Yair Cymerman | Cinematographers: Yair Cymerman & Adi Rabinovici  
Editors: Noam Amit, Adi Rabinovici & Yair Cymerman Scriptwriters: Yair Cymerman, Adi Rabinovici, Noam Amit & Tal Shefi 
Colorist: Dima Lydkhov | Sound Designer & Mix: Neal Gibbs Graphic Designers: Tal Baltuch, Guy Trefler | Original Score: Roy Rabinovici Producers: Mika Timor & Ben Giladi | Co-Producers:  Adi Rabinovici & Yair Cymerman | Co-Producers Sunnuy side up: Yotam Gendelman

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